Turning Archive 2006

lady bug house *PIC*

john lucas
>I haven't been able to turn much lately due to work but I'm teaching an ornament making workshop this weekend so I thought I'd better make a few since I'm low on things to show them.

This is the first one. I haven't done a birdhouse in a long time and I had a dogwood limb handy so I made this. Dogwood is one of those woods that almost doesn't have a heart so you can get away with turning something like this without cracking. I did hollow the inside and hollowed the roof. I decided to add the flowers after I did the roof and thier was this odd looking blank area so I put the ladybug in there.

When I was showing this to my friends at the post office a faculty member came up and overheard me telling someone I made it. He asked if I purchased the perch and bottom finial somewhere. I had to chuckle. Why on earth would you think you purchased those when you turned the rest of the piece. We need to educate the public more about what we do and the skills it takes to do this.

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