Turning Archive 2006

Single piece Christmas ornament contest

john lucas
>I've been looking through all my books and magazines and there aren't many photos of single piece spindle turned christmas ornaments. I was wondering if anyone has any to share. These would be ornaments that could be made as a spindle turning without hollowing.

I thought it might be fun to run a short contest to see who could come up with the most unique one. I will make a set of ornament hollowing tools and offer those as the prize. It will take me a week or so to make them because I'm a little strapped for time right now so lets run the contest to midnight on the 31st of October. Halloween night.

The rules are simple. Start with one spindle sized piece of wood. It could have glue ups, segments, laminated etc but must resemble a spindle when you start. The turning must be done between centers although you could use multiple centers. Feel free to add surface design such as painting, carving and pyrography to the surface. send me the photo or get the piece to me before the 31st and I'll photograph it.

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