Turning Archive 2006

Powermatic interference update

Mike Nelson
>The model# of the filter WMH Tool Group sent me is 22DRT1W3S Delta Electronics Inc. The filter works fine but the screw holes only line-up with one side and the power supply connects at the top, meaning you have to come up with something to cover it with. On the box the diagram shows the inverter fitting perfectly. I would call Delta electronics to see which inverter they are showing. Below is the response I got from WMH today after asking about pricing etc. As you can see it looks like for now contacting Delta (not delta tools) is the option for now. Mike

Mr. Nelson,
As you know, things of this nature do not happen overnight. I am not sure we will even place this filter into our purchasing system. That decision has not been made. Our interaction with you was to find out if such a filter existed and, if it did, would it solve the problem for those users who wish to use an AM radio while turning. We appreciate your assistance, because now we know. Thank you again,

Rick Gleaves

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