Turning Archive 2006

How long?

Tony Zaffuto
>Ok, here's the story: I cut a maple tree this past June. The wood was cut to 2' pieces by 8" to 10" diameters. I am a novice at turning, having turned a rather sorry looking bowl (at least to me--wife thought it looked nice) out of redwood a few weeks ago.

So this evening, I sliced a piece of the maple about 8" long, mounted it on a face plate and proceeded to rough shape the outside of a bowl and faced it to chuck it on my dovetail jaws.

Question, how long should I wait until I hollow the bowl and otherwise finish it? The ends of the logs were not sealed when I first cut them and have been outside since cutting. Naturally being knew to this highly addictive sport, I would like to do it as soon as possible!

Thanks in advance!


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