Turning Archive 2006

Seeking feedback on Kutzall carving disk?

Keith Newton
>I am working on a project that is mostly sculptural, and am using the lancelot wheel, with the chain-saw teeth, followed by coarse 24 grit sanding disk which works fine for quick cutting and fairing, but the sanding disk works best if it is used with a slight tilt with a swiping motion where the cutting is from the middle of the disk out, but it tends to burn if you push the edge up against a steep edge.

I am wondering if anyone is using these kutzall wheels, and if they cut well, and or if they have a tendency to load up and burn. This project is cherry. If they load up, how do you clean them. Do they do a nice job of fairing from gentle curves into steeper curves?

I would just like to hear any feedback pro, or con. Thanks

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