Turning Archive 2006

Maybe it was worth the struggle *PIC*

Carole Valentine
>I cussed this piece of wood 'til I was blue in the face. It is a piece of spalted maple that had gone beyond spalt in all the light areas and was rock solid in the adjacent areas. The light areas were just crumbly and would fall out in little chunks. I used about a whole bottle of CA on it...soak it, cut, soak it, cut it... Then I started hollowing - darn thing about beat me to death! LOL I finally managed to get a fairly smooth finish cut inside by soaking it with water and putting a good burr on my Keltons. The bark inclusion was dust so that has been filled with my secret formula. :) May redo the collar. It doesn't look right to me. 5.75"x5.5" Not buffed yet.

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