Turning Archive 2006

Scraper Sharpening Angle?

George Van
>I am curious about the best angle for sharpening a scraper or spearpoint scraper. I have a note on my clip board that Stuart Batty recommends 70 degrees, is this the best angle to start with? I am assuming he is stating 20 degrees off vertical. Does the angle effect the size/strength/sharpness of the burr?
I will be using these on birch, maple, and cherry which I do not consider extremely hard woods. I understand ebony, blackwood, and others are "hard" woods and sometimes brittle and require different angles. I assume I will want to use the tool with the burr from the grinder without removal or honing for the woods I am using.
Thanks, any clarification will help as I have been avoiding using a scraper but realize there are times they can be helpful if not necessary.

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