Turning Archive 2006

Do it in public.

Phil Joines Krum, Tx
>Our club did a public demo at the first annual Roanoke, Texas festival yesterday. It's one day, noon till 8PM. I don't know what the attendance was, at a guess maybe 5000. We had 5 minis (all Jet), display table, a grinder and 8 turners in a 10x20 foot area. The idea was to do some tops, freedom pens and bowls for the empty bowls project.

No bowls and only a couple of pens were done. I had prepped about 190 spin top blanks to turn and give to kids 12 and under. They were 3"x 3/4" disks with 1/2" x 4" dowels. Mostly from Walnut off cuts from a furniture company. Once the dust had cleared we had about 10 left. 4 of the lathes were used all day to do them. From about 3 o'clock till 7:30 there where lines at all 4 of the lathes that sometimes had 20 kids each waiting. Some of them stood there for an hour. We could have used a couple more turners to provide breaks.

I'd say they were popular. Some of the kids had never seen one before. They make a good demo for the general public but be prepared to work your butt off, those kids don't cut you any slack :>).

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