Turning Archive 2006

Visit from Mr. and Mrs Grumbine

Mkauder, Phenix City, AL
>My club and I were lucky enough to host Bill Grumbine and his Mrs here this weekend.

Bill and I have been acquinted for many years - neither of I can remember how long, but we met a least a couple of years before the end of the old Badger Pond. It was sometime before 1999 when I started turning. And in all that time, we have physically met each other 3 times. This time was really fun since we were able to spend quite a few hours talking over dinner, and breaks in his demo to our club, and in my shop.

Bill demoed turning a basic bowl and then treated us to some lessons on the use of the skew, and hints on making duplicates of spindles accurately. Great fun was had by all, and I got many positives comments by our club members on how much they learned.

Thankfully, Bill was very patient with the fact that this was our first meeting using a camera to help members see what was going on, which in the end also got great reviews.

Thanks, Bill and Lisa for a great weekend.


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