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WoW - Some Answers

Herman de Vries
>I was told about the thread on WC concerning the cover photo post by an anonymous poster.

First of all, thank you to my fellow WoW family members that spoke up so eloquently in defense of the site. I feel humbled by that.

I will try to answer some of the questions the thread generated.

First of all - I intended WoW to be for everyone interested in turning. I was especially interested in generating creative interaction between new turners and the masters, and WoW has done that very often. I remember seeing a rather basic segmented turning done by a beginner, and a beautiful response from Malcolm Tibbets, certainly one of the best segmented turners in the world. The response showed that Malcolm had studied the piece and thought carefully about his response. It was gentle, clear and extremely helpful. I've seen many others, but this one came to mind.

On the same point, I will emphasize that there are some on WoW that are collectors. This is one of the only places where they can see the newest work available, and I personally know of newer turners that have been contacted by a collector because of what they saw on WoW. The same goes for vendors, although some have dropped off because they were not allowed to advertise on the site. That's too bad, because they are in a prime position to answer questions about products and services without overly advertising.

Secondly, WoW was created as a place for people to put photos of their work. At the time WoW was created (late 2001), few turners had websites. Although times have changed and many turners now have individual websites, those are hard to find and the sites are not interactive. On WoW, the photo is there, and the comments are right beneath it and everyone can see it. You don't get that with individual sites.

Thirdly - WoW is not anonymous for a reason. Trolls and troublemakers haunt the Internet, so I am not surprised that WoW would be a target for an anonymous coward. The username and password system is necessary if we are going to keep out trolls and troublemakers. The post on WC that prompted this is a perfect example. I've never heard from the person that posted his anonymous vitriol on this public site (WC), but if I did, I would listen to what he has to say. There must a reason for why he (or she) feels that way. I would like that individual to know that I have always asked my cover photo team to also feature the work of new turners, not just established turners. He (or she) should also note that, each time a daily cover photo is chosen, the cover team member gives an explanation that will clarify the choice.

I don't post on WC very often, but if there are responses to this I will answer. If someone wants to contact me privately, feel free. I just thought it was important to try to answer some of the questions.


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