Turning Archive 2006


Blake Washburn
>I have many problems with my lathe that I'm very concerned about.

1). When I turn something at a high speed and I take deep cuts my lathe shuts off and the little "reset" button comes out and I have to wait for a little "click" so I can push it back in and the lathe will start working again.

2). My "on and off" switch doesn't want to work half the time. I either can't turn it on or I can't turn it off. It just wont stay in the on or off position.

3). Today I was turning and I had to press the "reset" button many times and my "on and off" switch is stuck on "on" so I turn the lathe on with a power strip. Then the "reset" button stopped coming out when the lathe shut off so I had to pull it out and press it back in. This occured a couple of times. The third time I did it and when I pressed the "reset" button back iN, MY LATHE DIDN'T TURN ON!!! I turned the power strip off and when I turned it on the lathe ran for a split second.

So I checked to see if the switches were working and everything and MY LAHE IS DEAD!!!!! I NEED HELP GUYS!!!!

Blake Washburn
13 year-old turner

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