Turning Archive 2006

The trouble with lasers

eliot d
>More accurately -- the trouble with me. I was hollowing a flatish 'river stone' HF using the Elbo constrainting rig, and the overarm laser light to control the thickness. I was nearly done ( after many hours ) and was thinning down the under side part of the form to match the thickness of the rest of the form -- and SWISH went right through! It's an interesting sculpture now.! What happened, you ask. Well, I was intent on that little laser dot, which was shining on the BACK side of the vessel. Do you see? Has this ever happened to you? The laser dot doesn't do you much good on the "wrong" side -- at least not for me when not thinking clearly -- because the dot is, so to speak, 'south' (on the headstock side) of the cutting tip, which can go right through. and it did! Bummer! Cut it right in half--jagged -- in the blink of an eve.

Ed Karsh: I show it to you all tomorrow at the CAW meeting.

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