Turning Archive 2006

Walnut Bowl *PIC*

>Hi all,

This is a bowl that I turned recently that is headed to a show next weekend. It's walnut about 9" diameter. I hadn't turned walnut in a while and had forgotten how much I love the smell and the look of it. A friend of mone named it "Soaring" so that has stuck with it. Even with a few inclusions and knotty spots on this piece I loved this hunk of wood. After turning I drew out a design in pencil and started burning. It's a different design for me and I'd do a few things different now that it's done, but that's usually the case with everything I make. It's the adventure that makes all this so fun. It's textured with a dulled tip on a dremel engraver and burned with a variety of home made and manufactured burning tips. Finished with Watco and then a couple of wipes of Sam Maloof's oil and wax finish. It almost looks like it was turned of center but it's not.

Thanks for taking a peek!

All comments and critiques welcome as usual.


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