Turning Archive 2006

Bandsaw Blades from Highland Hardware

Dick Gerard bowlman
>A while back there were some postings about the "Woodturners Bandsaw Blades" available from Highland Hardware. Since I needed a new blade I ordered 3, along with some parts to rebuild my old Delta 14" bandsaw (polyurethane tires, tire brush, tension spring and rapid cranks tensioning handle and rod).

The order arrived in 3 days! And fellow turners, I have to saw, those blades are the BEST EVER. Over the years I have used nearly every brand in every configuration of teeth per inch, hook, rake and skip, including carbide tipped blades.

These blades sliced through 13+" of wet sappy Ambrosia maple so easily I thought I had a much more powerful bandsaw. And the radius cutting ability has to be seen to be believed. I know some others of you have already used these blades, but for those who haven't ... go get 'em! They really do what they claim. A rare thing these days. Mark me one VERY happy and satisfied turner-customer.

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