Turning Archive 2006

Canes and Epoxy question.

Barry Irby
>I have a commission to turn a number of canes. The client provided a brass handle and a kit that includes a center fitting that screws together, so the cane is in two pieces. He also provided the walnut for the canes.

This has been an interesting project. I made the two tapered pieces which are about 16" long, but they are not perfectly cylindrical tapers. They are about 3/100" "fat" in the center. I thought that only my "turner's eye" would spot it. Nope, he asked if there was some way to remove the slight bulge?

I made one, carefully following the instructions that came with the fittings. I am not happy with the way one piece fits the brass. Unfortunately, I epoxied them together. Is there a solvent for epoxy?

And where can I buy more fittings?

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