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miniature bowl gouge and hollowing tool *PIC*

John Lucas
>It's too hard to see my mini tools so last night a made a 1/4" one out of a screwdriver to show the grinds. I have found that on miniature tools you don't need a flute on a bowl gouge and this particular grind also works well as a spindle gouge although you might sharpen the nose to a steeper angle if you have trouble cutting some details.

The top view shows the basic grind. I have rounded the edges of my sharpening wheel slighlty with a diamond hone. I tilt the tool slightly to the right and sharpen the left side of the tool on the right side of the wheel. Then I pull it back to the left across the rounded corner and rotate the tool so the top is up and sharpen the front bevel. Then I move it across the wheel and over to the left side of the wheel. At the same time I twist the tool to the left and sharpen the right side of the tool. This method gives me a slight relief on the left and right side of the tool and creates little wings that resemble a bowl gouge grind.

The bottom photo is the top of the tool showing the rounded nose. I grind the top down toward the tip. This is to give it the bowl grind shape. I polish the top edges to 1200 grit. This gives it the cutting action like a bowl gouge.

You can make these in any size. Dave Hout's bowl skew is similar but out of rectangular stock and a sharper grind. This is the same grind I will try to duplicate on the end of needles to make my next series of really really small goblets.

This tool is also great for hollowing miniatures but I use it more as a scraper for hollowing. It's also a great grind for my ornament hollowing tools. I like to make them out of drill rod when I can but you can use almost any good steel.

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miniature bowl gouge and hollowing tool *PIC*
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