Turning Archive 2006

FANTASTIC Demo by Chris Ramsey... *LINK*

Devon Palmer

Chris came to Demo last night for the Central Ohio Woodturners, featuring a turned hat. Not only was Chris a fantastic and entertaining turner, He has to be the most generous demonstrator I've ever seen. Not only did he allow us to raffle off the hat he made, but, he brought several "fine" pieces of wood (100 lbs oak burl, large spalted maple, big leaf, lotsa curly, and other burls) for us to auction. On top of it all, he turned around and donated his Demo fee back to the Club. All in All, it paid for the large projector we purchased to support better viewing for our club (usually 120+ members in attendance, so, we needed something badly).

He wouldn't even take gas money for his 4.5 (each way) trip on top of hauling his own Oneway lathe onsite for the demo. If you get a chance to see him or book him for a demo, don't miss it. He was a HUGE hit with the club and I'm sure you'll be glad as well. He's a fine example of someone who is giving back (as so many of you here do as well) to the greater turning community...

- Devon Palmer, Columbus, Ohio

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