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Vinces sanding discs

robo hippy
>Thanks to a post here about a month ago, I got a bunch of sanding discs from Vince (Vinceswoodnwonders). For the first test, I sanded out 2 Myrtle bowls (14 and 12 inch diameter), and the discs still felt like new. Well, I thought, maybe this is just me. I next gave some to my friend Larry who is a production turner. He has turned his 'Grimple trays' (about a 6 inch myrtle bowl) to the tune of 600 to 800 per year for the last 11 or so years, and knows exactly how much time each step takes. His responce was that these discs last twice as long as his other discs. I have been using the red aluminum oxide discs that I punch from rolls that I got from Klingspor. I am switching. I just finished about 15 more large bowls, and they still seem to way out last whatever I have used before. This isn't any kind of advertisement, I am just sharing a discovery (pun intended) that I made, and now I know why you were ranting about how good his discs are.
robo hippy

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