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HELP!! (TD or other Genius Minds)

Allen Neighbors
>I have an arbor that I have rigged up to hold my four-jaw chuck, in order to smooth the inside of hollowforms with gravel. I have a two-speed 1/3hp motor that turns 1725 and 1150 RPM with a two inch DRIVE pulley.
That leads me to these RPM Reduction Questions:
Situation Number One: I want to connect the motor to the Chuck arbor which has a 2" DRIVEN pulley, and reduce the arbor speed to 35 to 40 RPM. (Due to the cast iron shroud on this arbor, it's not possible to enlarge this pulley, either. However, I may be able to attach a larger pulley on the opposite end of the chuck.)

I think it will be necessary to use an intermediate axle/arbor to make such a reduction in RPM.
If I can't enlarge the arbor drive pulley, what size pulleys will be required on the intermediate axle, since one will be a DRIVEN pulley and one will be a DRIVE pulley?
Situation Number Two: If it is possible to attach a larger pulley to the opposite end of the Chuck Spindle, what would be your suggestion as to pulley sizes?
Room to mount this contraption is not a problem.

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