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Alcohol drying convert

Tony Reynolds somewhere near Newark, Ohio
>I know I'm way late to the party, but wanted to report my successful findings using Dave Smith's Alcohol drying method. In the last month I've roughed out and dried 70 bowls from fresh cut wet logs. The species were Ash, Hickory, Maple, and lots of big Cherry and Sycamore. Sizes ranged from 8" up to 18" with the average size of 12" to 14".
All had the pith removed. The soak time was 24hrs. Most had reached 12% MC in 2 weeks wrapped and dried as Dave suggests. I lost 3 bowls. I think I would have had problems with these regardless of the drying method due to stresses in these pieces of wood.
Needless to say I'm qite pleased with the results. It sure makes it nice to be able to prep and rotate stock this fast. Thanks Dave.


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Alcohol drying convert
Thanks for your success report *LINK*
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