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Well, I have a problem…

Rod Peterson -- Ormond Beach
>Today, I attacked the lathe area of the shop (I'm at the tail end of a major house remodel, and the shop has been the last thing to get attention), and took advantage of being able to get it out in the open to do a little turning of a chunk of live oak from the tree I cut down a couple of weeks ago (story posted in the Messages Board and viewable here, if you're interested).

I think this is the first large piece of wet wood I've ever turned, certainly on my own lathe, and all the video tutoring of Grumbine, Marks, Yoder, and Hout, plus the worded wisdom of the folks here helped things progress fairly smoothly. It was certainly enjoyable. I got the blank roughed smooth, cut the recess for the chuck, turned the blank around and got it rough hollowed, then put it in a paper bag for refinement later on.

When I switched to the chuck (Vicmarc 100) I noticed things weren't as true as when I was on the faceplate, but I attributed that to previous experiences I've had. However, after I was done with the wet blank, I took a small piece I'd had in the chuck previously and chucked it up and it wasn't round either. It was then that I noticed that the whole chuck seemed to be wobbling slightly.

Okay, background. This lathe is a Delta 46-700 (12", Reeves drive, circa late '90s, early aughts vintage, I imagine) that I bought used from Woodcraft a year or so ago. The small piece referred to above had been turned on my Jet Mini. Among the first things I did was pull the chuck and put in a spur center. The point never wobbled. I screwed on one of my faceplates, and there seems to be some wobble there. The clincher, however, was when I put the chuck (with the small piece still attached) back on the Jet and hit the switch. Ran true as teenage love (whatever that means—I couldn't come up with a good simile).

So, my conclusion is that while the Delta arbor is true at the Morse taper, the threaded portion is somehow jimmied up. I even filed the face of the nut to true it up to no avail. I think I can discount the Vicmarc as the problem since it ran right on the Jet.

Is it possible that I messed up the arbor when I had the rough blank on? I had the lathe on the lowest possible speed, which, unfortunately, with the Reeves drive is only about 500 RPM. The fact that the spur center still runs true seems to counter that idea. Anyone have any opinions?

I think I have to order a replacement arbor.


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