Turning Archive 2006

Yo! Friendly turner types! RPM knowledge needed.

Ron Bauman
>I'm entering the final phases (whew) of rebuilding a PM 90.I've replaced bearings, ordered parts on eBay from all over the lower 48 and some from other bulletin boards. I started with a machine designed to spin metal and wood with a top speed of 4000rpm and a low end of 1000 rpm. This will all be changed. I turn spindles for my stools on a Griz HD and the top speed I use is between 7-800rpm. Its fine for me. My question is this: I want to turn stool seats outboard and dish them and true up the edges. My largest "THE BIG KEESTER" is 16" in dia. I may make larger. The surface speed at the outer edge will be terrific unless I really lower the bottom speed of the lathe. I'm thinking about 200-250 low speed and up to 1000 +- at the top. What say you? Thanks for all input. I won't be able to read anything until the 'morrow, but I appreciate all opinions.

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