Turning Archive 2006

1/2 OT: Opinions on Shop *PIC*

Ruth Niles
>These are pictures of my 3-car garage, I want to close in 2 bays for my shop. If I do it the way I want, I can only afford to close in 1 bay, that's silly because next year I'd only want more room.

Had 2 guys come for estimates but I need to know a little more of what I want, how I can cut expenses and what not to bother with. I can't do the framing, since there are walls, just need insulation, I figure 24" centers and maybe do an 8' ceiling. What do I do about the garage door, it's 10'(?). There's a great barn door in the back that I do want to utilize (I love it!). I can do the insulation and put up 1/4" plywood for walls, spray paint white. I would like a ceiling fan and will have a vented wall propane heater.

It's the actual construction I'm having trouble with: should the walls go to the trusses at 12'? Do a drop to 8' but frame around the garage door? Frame out the barn door to 8' ceiling? Anyone live real close and can come draw me a picture????? Newville, PA, 9 miles south of Carlisle, I don't cook but I buy a mean hogie!

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