Turning Archive 2006

Poison Ivy/Oak/Sumack and turning

Craig Daymon
>Over the weekend a friend and I were offered whatever we wanted of a Locust tree that had been brought down. When I got there, I found the reason it was brought down was because poison ivy/oak/sumack (the black hairy vine stuff) was growing straight up through the pith. I'm very allergic to the stuff, so I declined and kept a safe distance while it was being cut. I did help where I thought I could and managed to escape without any itching.

Two questions I have are:

1) Anyone know if the poison whatever grows up through the center of a tree like this if the oils will permeate the wood, making it dangerous for someone with a sensitivity to it to turn?

2) Any methods for safely working with wood that has obviously had a close relationship with one of the poison ivy varieties? I haven't had any issues up to this point, but I've never seen anything so thoroughly infected as this tree.



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