Turning Archive 2006

Swan Neck Shank

Paul Coppinger
>I just completed hollowing a 6" diameter oak burl sphere thru a 3/8" hole. I used the Kelton Mini-hollowing tools (5/16" shank) that removed everything but the last 3/4" of the side wall. To keep from opening the hole anymore, I made a slightly larger swan neck tool from 5/16" mild steel with a 3/16" HSS cutter. The cutter was from Enco, Made in China, about 3" long that I cut in half and then rounded the corners of the back half before shaping the cutting end. I drilled a hole in the end of the 5/16" rod to hold with C.A. glue after shaping the swan neck shank with heat. The tool shape reached the sides adequately allowing the final sides walls to be less than 1/4", but if I got a catch, the mild steel shank bent requiring straightening several times on my anvil. Should I have used O1 tool steel and tempered to about 400-430 degrees? If not, what could have made a less-bentable shank to reach thru the 5/16" hole?

Paul Coppinger

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