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OT: Felling a tree

steve antonucci
>Sort of on topic, but no turning yet...

I had an interesting pair of experiences with two trees this weekend. The first was a long dead hemlock, probably 35' tall, and 18" at the base. I had thrown a rope up about 15' into the tree to pull down some low hanging dead branches, with the idea being that I could "limb it" so it could free fall when I cut it. One small problem- I pulled on the second branch, and the tree began to fall (where I wanted it to fall, no less). It went from vertical to about 80 degrees and stopped. I looked at the trunk, and I could see the whole backside was buckled and very punky, so I cut the front side with my chainsaw, and the tree started to fall, like the 50+ other trees I've dropped. Then, the lower trunk exploded, and the tree hit the ground and stopped at about 45 degrees. It's hung up on a 6" beech tree, about 15' off the ground.

The second tree was another 35' birch, probably also 18" at the base. It was also long dead, and I wanted to drop it where it was leaning towards. This one started to fall almost perfect, but the last 3' of an upper branch got stuck against a big beech at about 80 degrees, and it's still on the stump.

I've thought about hooking up some ropes and a tow strap to the front of my truck, and pull out the bottom of the birch off of the stump, and hope that it falls down enough to clear the upper limbs. I'm not worried about it falling on the truck, since I have enough rope and it's leaning the other way...

The hemlock would be the same thing, only it's not that high up. Also can't fall on the truck...

Any other ideas?


P.S. the birch looked nicely spalted... I have a lifetime supply if I can get the tree down.

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