Turning Archive 2006

treadle turned to spring pole lathe

john lucas
>Well this has been an intersting weekend so far. I was fine tuning the treadle lathe to make it work better and I broke the drive shaft on Thursday night, late. I had to have the lathe working by Friday morning. No time to fix it so I converted it to a spring pole lathe using bungee cords for the drive.

Friday was a slow day with not a lot of tourists but today was different. I turned more or less non stop from 10am to 6 pm. Boy did all that bicycling pay off. I feel like I've ridden about 40 or 50 miles but I'm not in too bad of a shape except I know I'm going to sleep like a log.

Had some pretty big groups stand there and watch. Most people wanted to know if my legs got tired. I told them no I'm super human.

I've gotten to see my Friend Jamie Donaldson and Paul Ferrel and also met Joel Hunnicut. It's been fun. I have a small display of some of my work and people seem to really like the mini goblets. Between mini goblets and working with a footpowered lathe they are all pretty sure I'm nuts, and I'm having my doublts.

Only one more day to go and it's only 7 hours. Hope the legs hold out. I got a big laugh from the crowd when I pulled the drive string loose and said Oh wow, now I know why this thing doesn't run. I've never pulled the starter cord. I wish I'd had a chain saw soundtrack to play after pulling it.

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