Turning Archive 2006

A question of Balance

Steve in NC
>Hey WC friends

I have been on the road for the better part of four months so between being dad and the usual assortment of household chores I have had little time to turn (or post). Today however, a neighbor dropped several fresh cut logs in my driveway. It looks like poplar or holly but it has a very dark (almost purple) pith. I just could not resist.

The most interesting piece is a crotch near the bottom of the trunk where two 8 logs came off. There is a dark area at the center of each trunk about 3 diameter and some nice concentric coloring. It makes me think about turning an end grain double bowl with each of the bowls centered on one of the pith areas.

I cut a 3 thick slab right at the crotch (8" x 16") and sealed it. I am planning to glue a waste block and attach a faceplate to turn each bowl. My question is this. There will be a huge imbalance as I turn each bowl. Is there any way to counterbalance the eccentricity so my lathe does not walk across the room as I try to turn? (Or more simply, am I crazy to even try this.)

Thanks for your comments.

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