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1st show of the year *PIC*

chris rolke
>i havent posted in a while but i wanted to share some info

i had my first show of the year last sunday

first off i sold pieces i never thought i would sell ( a couple of segmented vases ) i broke my prior record for total amount sold ( by 50% )
have now had my first piece sell for $200 ( to a friend no less)

i "floated her a loan" till today and she wants 5 pieces from some firewood i got off of her property for xmas gifts ( ok that is the best gloat i have in this post

it really makes you feel good when someone thinks your work os good enough to spend some decent money on

below is one of the pieces that i sold

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1st show of the year *PIC*
here is the other piece *NM* *PIC*
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