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Water Bugs

>As October aproaches I am thinking about all the things I need to make for gifts for the holidays and what not and along with that comes the thought of the things that I'm really grateful for. For those of you who came from Badger Pond you'll remember how every year we would send donations to Wayne to help keep the Badger Pond servers chugging along. Running a website like these forums is a huge undertaking and I'm certain that most of us, myself included have no idea what it takes both with time and money to keep them up and running. So I would like to propose that those of us who can please go to the Support WC link on the left hand side of the page in the scrolling red section and make a donation, or buy a hat, or a shirt or something to support this fantastic site. When I sit back and think about how much I get back from WoodCentral its far beyond a magazine subscription, or even my membership dues to AAW or even my local chapter. I gain from all of them, but not like what I get from WoodCentral. I learn here, I gain knowledge about turning that I'd never get from a book or a magazine. I can get opinions of some of the best known woodworkers and turners around and also from those of us who are not so well known who have just as much to offer as the big names. So with the giving spirit in mind....and seeing how I have less money than I do turnings....ha! I'm going to put this piece up on the benefits page to hopfully try to raise a few beans for the WoodCentral winter fuel fund. I'd be tickled to death if others might want to follow suit.

This is a piece of walnut that was carved and then branded. I added a few BB's to see what might happen with them. I'd call this an experimental piece since I didn't sketch it out or really have any idea what I wanted or where it was going. I've titled it "Water Bugs". It had another name a few days ago, until Weston re-named it Water Bugs....so Water bugs it is! He said it looked like the wavy water at the lake and the little water bugs and bubbles. I was in full agreement! So off this one goes to the Benefits Page. We'll start the bidding at $25 bucks.

It's about 7" diameter and 2" tall....finished with Watco and Sam Maloof's Oil and Wax finish. The bottom has a tiny foot with an additional brand along with my signature.

Thanks for looking.


PS: Pardon the specks of dust...I'm getting OLD! They do come off :)

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