Turning Archive 2006

A Little Hollow Form

>Hello Everybody,

Just wanted to share a few things that I've been working on lately. Getting ready for the Fall/Winter shows and gift giving season. I love this weather for turning. It's just perfect!

This first piece I've called "Dancing With My Darling". It's a small piece of cherry that I had a lot of fun texturing and burning. Molly has gotten me hooked on adding the burning elements to my work and I just can't STOP! It is just so much fun. I feel like a kid who can't put down the Crayons or something. Anyway, the design on this one was first sketched in my book....however as what usually happens with me....it didn't turn out the way it originated in the sketch book. Similar but not the same.

As I was burning the filled in portion of the design I started seeing a form appear that looked like an abstract human figure so I stopped and re-drew the design...and then second "figure" came to be. When all was said and done, I stepped back and said oh, my gosh that looks like two people dancing! And when you rotate the piece in your hand it really gives you the affect.

I textured the one portion of it with the blunted end of my Dremel engraver. Finish is Watco. Then a couple of coats of Sam Maloof's Oil and Wax finish. This piece is only about 2.5" tall.

Comments welcome as always. Thanks for taking a peek.


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