Turning Archive 2006

New (to me) Lathe & some questions.

Larry Clinton in Frankfort, Indiana
>First I want to thank those who answered my question about the Powermatic 90 Lathes from a school sale. I did end up buying 2 of the lathes. They are now in my shop. I and my son are in the process of cleaning / repainting one of the lathes. I found a very close match to the Powermatic gold at a local auto paint store. The lathe was a 3 phase, I investigated installing a VFD but ended up orderering a new Leeson single phase motor. I will rewire tomorrow for the single phase motor. The lathe should be in operation in a week or so. The lathe is equiped only with a spur center on the drive spindle. Tailstock dead center was lost during the transfer to my shop. I would like to know what you experts recommend for a tailstock center. I have looked at live & dead centers as well as live center sets. I would also like your opinion as to what chuck would be best for this lathe. Not sure what will be turned, probably everything from christmas tree ornaments, candle sticks to table legs. I also will be selling the extra lathe, thought I might need parts but ended up one lathe was complete. The second lathe has a knob on the speed selector, the bolt for the tailstock, and the tool rest is missing ( tool rest holder is complete - just the rest itself is missing.) Both lathes are in pretty good shape. I may take the second lathe to the Indyfest if anyone is interested - I have $200 invested and will sell it for that. I will post on the classifieds unless someone wants me to take it to the fest.

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