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I wish I would never have bought a Husqvarna...

Devon Palmer
>Pardon my Rant.... Just need to vent and get some advice...

I bought a new Husky 357xp from Hoffman Power in Columbus this summer, and have had nothing but problems with it and the dealer. It all started off with my walking my shiney new orange saw to the truck and noticing a "rattle" in the muffler. The service tech "assured" me it was a loose baffle. 3 days later I'm prepping the saw for use, and couldn't stand the through of starting it with that noise, so, I removed the muffler and extracted 1 cap screw: similar to the one that holds the muffler on. Both piston, exhaust port and screw looked in tact so, I thought "ok, these guys are Jerks, they don't get any more of my business".

Fast forward to last weekend. I had used the saw 3 times prior, less than 2 hours of running time, just starting to get broke in and the oiler stopped. I returned it to said dealer to investigate, and they reported that the oiling mechanism was packed with woodchips and charged me $40 for the cleaning. Now, I've had a chainsaw in hand since I was 12 years old cutting wood to heat the family house. I read the manual, adjusted the flow rate, etc. I regularly check to make sure there is oil in the slot and that there are no blocks. Even IF I did miss the clog, is it unreasonable to expect that the dealer would "stand behind" their product, simply clean the slot, and send me on my way? Why have I not had this problem in the previous 30 years with other saws? Given the incident with the cap screw, their credibility is suspect.

I'm wondering what my options are at this point. I'd settle for the refund of my $40, but, am considering legal action to return the saw for a full refund. A hand signed letter to Husqvarna and a Better Business Bureau complaint are most assured....

Devon Palmer, Columbus, Ohio

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