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Chainsaw Chain Problems

Devon Palmer

Been playing with my new Husky 357XP ripping up 2.5 ton (4 skids) of logs for bowl blanks, etc. I've been having nothing but problems with the new saw. Its actually performing worse than my little 42cc Poulan in certain situations. (it sounds GREAT tho, like a little Harley )

Its VERY bad at clearing the woodchips when ripping: even if I pull the saw back several inches from the wood. I'm still using the chain that came with it - safety chain with these HUGE rounded-over bumpers.... I'm wondering if these could be part of the problem. I think they might be grabbing the longer woodshavings and dragging them through the saw as opposed to letting them eject out the bottom. The little saw doesn't have these and doesn't have the problem.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm definately replacing the chain w/ one without the anti-kickback as I'm faily experienced and wear the appropriate safety gear and equipment like chainsaw chaps, secured sawbuck, etc... What chain does everyone else use? This saw spends 80% of its time Ripping, and I use the other lighter saw to shape. Should I get a ripping chain?


Chainsawless in Columbus

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