Turning Archive 2006

Another beginner's Firstlings.... *PIC*

Barb Siddiqui
>Well, Marianne was brave enough to post her early turned work, so here is a pic of my
practice pieces so far. The candlestick is unfinished, a piece of holly Dave Smith gave me on top of a birch base. The middle bowl (4"d.) is birch with a 'design opportunity' button of turquoise glued into the center, where I unwisely left a little dimple that showed badly after finishing. The red bowl on the left (4.25"d.) is the padauk Russ Fairfield helped me with. The walnut at the base of the lathe is highlighted in gold leaf (by Russ) where I went too thin trying to get rid of ridges and al-l-l-most went through it during a catch. One tool handle of apricot, and the footed stand behind the lathe to hold small parts, is the output so far. Where do I go from here? More of the same, until I get one I'm proud of! Sure having fun, though. I'm also chainsawing some orchard cherry blanks and sealing them. Can't remember where I put my tablesaw. I think it's buried under wood somewhere here.

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