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Customer Service at Oneway

Brian McInturff in SC
>I broke the eye bolt that holds the locking mechanism on the banjo this weekend on my 1018. You can tell it's made from tensil steel so I was just imagining how much this was going to cost me, especially since I bought the lathe used and they discontinued the 1018. Well I call them this morning and after telling them what happened they said it was covered under warranty and they would get one in the mail today, NO CHARGE. Said I should have it Thursday. This is definitely pushing my decision on my Upgrade to Oneway for sure. I'm also waiting to here back from a couple different guys who have a 2436 to possibly get rid of. If the price is right I've got to figure out how to fit one into a 12x16 building. It will be a while but I will have one of the rooms in the house to convert to the "lathe room". It's 15x28.
Just wanted to mention the great service at Oneway.

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