Turning Archive 2006

Nova DVR Spindle thread

>I have a Nova DVR and have come across a problem with the spindle threads. I have had the DVR for almost 2 years. I had a very difficult time taking off my talon chuck and when I did, I noticed a lot of metal coming off the spindle threads. The threads closest to the head stock all have had the crown of the thread removed. The three threads closest to the head stock have all had their crowns removed and they are now "flat" to the point where they are over a mm wide now. The threads at the end of the spindle are fine. The roots of all threads appear to be fine, only the crowns have been damaged. Have cleaned both the talon chuck and the Nova 3" faceplate and they are both stiff on the spindle after about two rotations. Am concerned that the spindle will continue to lose metal to the point where the threads no longer provide their function. Any idea as to what happened and how to prevent any further damage? Anyone else with DVRs experience this?


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