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INdy Octoberfest Notes and Information

>Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to give you all the low down on the Indy Octoberfest coming up quickly. First of all I encourage everybody who can, to come. This is a great shin-dig at a fantastic location. Ray and Lynn Thompson’s place is just perfect for one of these. Tons of room to play and this time of year Central Indiana is gorgeous. Dates again are Friday afternoon October 6th….and All day/evening Saturday October 7th!

On Friday afternoon there will be a Sorby rep demonstrating what I think is a new eccentric chuck that they are rolling out. Woodcraft will be at the party all weekend as one of our vendors this year. Also on tap for vendors is Vince’s Wooden Wonders abrasives. Vince sells the best sanding discs I’ve come across and he also has a variety of accessories to go with them. There will also be a few other people there selling their home made tools and wares that you won’t want to miss.

For demonstrations we are very fortunate to have some really great things on tap.

Mark Kauder is going to be showing us how he finishes his fabulous pieces with an easy spray lacquer finish. He will also be showing us some of the steps he uses when laying out and building one of his segmented turnings.

Duane Leach will demonstrate how to make a lidded box with the basket like treatment that Hans Weissflog uses in his work. Duane uses a home made chuck that really makes the process simple.

Jim Shaver will demonstrate how to make a closed end pen. These pens are beautiful pens where the clip end of the hardware is essentially replaced with a solid end of the material the pen is made. They are sleek and absolutely stunning.

Jim will also take us to the quiet side of woodworking by showing how to make hand cut dovetails. A simple and efficient way to cut doevetails, that anybody can repeat!

Moses Yoder is heading up the hand plane contest and also going to demonstrate how to tune up your hand plane. You won’t want to miss his tips if you’re in the contest!

Mike Foydel will show us how to make a triangular box on the lathe. These boxes are really cool. I personally can’t wait to see this one!

I’ll be demonstrating how I go about making my mini hollow forms with my home made mini hollowing tools. I’ll also do some pyrography for anyone who wants to check that out as well.

Dick Gerrard will do a demonstration for anyone wanting to get their feet wet with woodturning. Dick has a fantastic presentation for those who are just starting out and are a bit intimidated with the spinny stuff.

I think that may be it for those who have told me that they would like to demonstrate. If you are interested in doing a demo please let me know. I’m going to come up with a schedule, but for the most part these will be relatively short demos and while one is going on there will be other things going in other areas if you’re not interested in the scheduled demo.

I would also like to let you know about the raffle that we have every year. This year we have some great prizes donated by Lee Valley, Popular Woodworking, Woodcraft, Vince’s WoodenWonders and hopefully the list will grow. If you would like to donate something to the raffle giveaway please contact me and I’ll be sure to put you on the list.

The hand plane contest will again be a fantastic event. Moses has tweeked a few of the rules and there are some great prizes donated by Lee Valley and others. You won’t want to miss this event that literally comes down to a micro finish!

Also don't forget the gift exchange. If you bring a handmade wood item...you'll go home with one! This is a lot of fun and a great way to go home with something really nice that one of your WoodCentral friends has made. Turned and Flat goodies welcome!

We are also going to have a new event called Collaborative Lathes! We will have 3 lathes each with a different blank of wood. Anyone who wishes to participate is welcome to join in on the fun. There will be no pre-determined design for the blanks of wood and each person will take a 5 minute spin on the lathe. He will add(or takeaway actually) whatever he wants to the piece for his allotted time, and then the next person will take a turn. This is NOT a speed contest! The 5 minute time limit is to make sure that everyone gets a turn and no one person has complete influence over the final piece. After the pieces are turned and sanded to completion, there will be a table set up with woodburners, carving tools, coloring materials etc….if anyone wants to “enhance” the pieces. When all is said and done I am hoping that there will be 3 nice pieces worthy of being posted on the Benefits Auction page to help raise a few dollars for the WoodCentral “fuel” fund. I would love to see this take off and become part of all of the WoodCentral gatherings. I hope it ends up being a really fun event with beautiful end results!

We are also in hopes of a few “special guests” at the party this year. We're keeping the names under wraps as of right now….but I will give you hints…..one is a very well known magazine Editor….the other is a very well known woodturner with several DVD’s and custom tools to his name…..and hopefully there will be a very well known webmaster here too…ehemmmm!

So…I’ll keep you in suspense till further notice…..

Hope to see you all there!


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