Turning Archive 2006

Messages loading slowly?

Jack Riley
>I'm now retired and have started turning after having first tried it in the 1950's. I enjoy reading and learning from each of your post to this site. I live far enough out in the country that neither DSL or cable were offered so dailup was my only internet option for many years. The cable provider finally agreed that if I would buy and bury the appropriate cable (2 clicks), they would connect cable internet; so I did and they did! It is outstanding! Sites load almost as fast as I can click the mouse; all that is but WC. I contacted Ellis and he informed me that all is well on his end. I contacted Charter and they said all is well on their end. Again, every other site loads fast. It takes 30 seconds for WC to load. Ellis suggested that I throw it open to the turning forum and see if someone has had a similar problem and was able to resolve it. I've already done all the clearing of caches etc. This problem also exist when I use my wife's laptop to access WC. Any thoughts to help an old Jarhead?

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