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Indyfest, please read

Dan Donaldson
>Ellis is not going to be able to attend the Indyfest, but we thought that it might be a good idea to give people that attend a chance to get some great Woodcentral apparel. I am planning to be there on Saturday, and after talking to Ellis, he has a deal for you. I can get some t-shirts, hats, and the gray fleece jackets and bring them for anyone that wants one. Ellis will give a special price of $12 for the hats and shirts (vs $15)and $35 (vs $39)for the gray fleece. He can do this because it will just be a bulk shipment to me rather than have to pack and ship them individually. Anyone interested, please send me an e-mail with what you want and the size. I need to get the info to Ellis in time for him to ship, so I would ask that you let me know by next Tuesday at the latest. If we don't get enough interest to cover the shipment to me, then we may have to cancel this. Good chance to get some good stuff at a good price and support Woodcentral at the same time.

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Indyfest, please read
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