Turning Archive 2006

Advise me oh Great Peers

>I have a maple vessel sitting rough turned in the shop. I wanted to keep the pith of the log, because it is so incredibly red, think blood red. Thus far, five that I have roughed are drying, showing no signs of checking out. One, however, is starting to crack right at pith center. Its the piece I like the most, of course, because of the form, and the fact the fact that the pith of the log looks like a butterfly has wrapped itself around the piece, albeit a large butterfly....
Aaaanyhow... shall I turn it, without further drying down, taking the chance on having it go all sorts of wonky and exploding, or shall I try to nip the cracks with glue, and hope that it will stay well enough that I am able to work with it?
For the record, some of the same maple that this came out of has been turned for three months, and is showing do sign of distortion. It is staying very well in shape, and not cracking.
I can't post pictures, because I am in class, waiting for the rest of the class to get done with an exam that I have been done with for twenty minutes........AAARG!

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