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Need help with portable tool caddy

Chris K in MD
>Hello everyone,

I was looking for ideas for storage of gouges and other lathe tools in a "caddy" to be used when doing demos or going to classes at another place.

The most prevelant I have seen for "local" travel is the 5 gallon bucket method. I have seen several pictures of these in the past with pvc pipe segregating the tools. I have seen them inside the bucket and outside the bucket. I think it should be very user friendly so that it could be used when you arrive at the site (IE not resting on the floor).

The bucket method would not work as well for travel by plane but I could see the possibility of adding a cap to the bucket. Tool rolls work but you dont always have the area to spread them out at the site you go to.

So what do you all use, what do you like or dislike about the way you went. Do you have a picture to share?

I appreaciate all your comments



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