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Charlie Anderson
>I noticed that I was having a problem turning things round. Was worried it was the lathe, but then noticed that my SuperNova chuck didn't align the jaws properly. One jaw didn't come in a far as the other 3 and the outermost part of a jaw didn't align with the one next to it.

So I called Tim Geist in WV the Teknatool Service Center. He suspected the jaws and was ready to send a new set immediately. But since I had the problem with more than one jaw set, I declined that offer. To be sure, I visited Darryl Hansen who has a SuperNova2 and sure enough, my jaws were fine on his chuck.

Tim suggested I send him the chuck and let him check it out. The problem was that this chuck is 2.5 years old and out of warranty. After Tim got the chuck he confirmed it had a problem with a .005 runout. Tim found a set of slides on another chuck, put them on mine and sent the chuck back to me.

Now my jaws all align just the way they should.

Thanks Tim

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Good Service fromTeknatool Support
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