Turning Archive 2006

Maple bowl with slight return *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>Maple bowl, 4 1/2" diameter at the widest and 3" high. Wall thickness, about 7/16". I much prefer a thicker wall on bowls, and I think in general, the customer does also.
This wood has just enough striping in the grain to make it interesting. The bottom is barely flat, just enough to stabilize the bowl and put my signature engraving on.
Not sure what kind of Maple, definitely not Sugar Maple as it's a bit soft. Fellow chapter member Greg Haugen may be able to enlighten us on that, I can thank his wife for the wood score. If a caravan of 3 vehicles with maniacal woodturners on their way home from a meeting hadn't converged on this fellow's front yard, it would all have been firewood.
Just a couple coats of wipe-on polyurethane, rubbed down to a semi-gloss sheen.
Any comments are welcome, thanks for looking.

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