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Pen kit disassembly tools?

Bill Turpin in WNC mountains
>Do these really work? Does anybody make one that will fit all the common tube sizes? They seem rather expensive. Are they worth it?

We recently purchased 17 identical kits from the the same vendor. Two different shipments a week apart. However, the internals were of three different total lengths. Mighty tough when all the pieces-parts are mixed together and you discover this when assembling the turned wood. At least four of them have the ink sticking out when retracted. The pens were made for a memorial service this past weekend, did not discover until putting them together a couple of hours before the service. The wood was from a tree that the deceased had planted.

The kits were $4.75 click pens from PSI. The blanks were cut in a jig, were the same length, and end milled identically. The two shipments of the kits had the same length brass tubes. Not every tube was checked. I will not mix kits in thr future!!!!

Bill Turpin in WNC mountains

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