Turning Archive 2006

Topic for Chat

Keith Tompkins
>A recent post on Chat Topics got me thinking: What would be some really, really interesting chat topics?

How about this....There were many responses to my question "Are you an AAW member?" I think it may be a good idea to invite an AAW board member to participate in a Wednesday night chat. We could discuss our feelings both pro and con concerning membership in the AAW, and the direction we feel the organization should go in the future. This would benefit many WC contributors, and the AAW as well. They would be better able to understand and address our concerns after such a chat. I would be willing to contact Angelo Iafrate, AAW President, to see if this is possible.

HOw about this...Creativity and Inspiration: where does it come from? What influences your work? What influences or life experiences are reflected in your work? Do you even feel the need to express your creative side? Does attending demonstrations or classes hosted by known turners help or hinder our creativity? What techniques or processes interest you, but you've been afraid to try? What other craft or art forms could we study in order to broaden our horizons?

Well, that's just two I thought of. Waddya' think? Any other suggestions? BTW, next Wednesday's chat is a critique. Post a photo or two of your favorite pieces: this could be a good learning experience!

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