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Refresh my memory: WT article search

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Maybe someone here could help me out here....

I'm looking for an article that was featured in one of the wood turning magazines I read over the past year (maybe a bit more). It detailed a shop built tool handle system that used brass compression nuts, and a turned handle. The area up by the ferrule was cut with a dovetail saw so that the area where the brass compression nut would thread on would act like collet jaws and hold the circular tool steel rod you were using for your turning tool. Using this system (theoretically), you could have one turned wooden handle with a bunch of different style rods each featuring a different tool profile.

I've looked through my collection of Woodturning Design, and American Woodturner Journal. I've also searched through the on-line indexes for these magazines. No luck. Each time I think I have it, I find a different (although usually interesting) article.

You see, I got some shop time about 2 weeks ago. I was able to turn one wooden handle, and get another one roughed and ready to turn. I have the brass compression nuts and have managed to make one tool handle that works just like the article detailed. All I need to do is sneak off for about 1 hour more and I'll be done. But tying to actually plan on some shop time with a 22 month old baby in the house is almost next to impossible! In the meantime, I wanted to read up on the article and make sure I got it "right".

Thanks in advance.

See ya around,

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