Turning Archive 2006

WD-40 vs Pam

robo hippy
>I was watching Bill Grumbine's new DVD, and saw him use WD-40 on his coring blades. While I doubt that there will be any remaining residue left by the time one is done with turning and sanding, I was wondering what else out there would work. I remembered what Duke (the guy who makes my bandsaw blades) said, and that was to use Pam (that spray on your pans for no sticking) on my bandsaw blades to keep the wet wood and sap, and pitch from sticking. Well, I figured that if it worked there, it would work on my turning tools. I sprayed it on all of my gouges and McNaughton coring blades, and it does make a very good lubricant. Of course there is the benefit of it being food safe too. It does help keep the build up of residue from wet wood to a minimum.
robo hippy

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