Turning Archive 2006

Eventful day

Roger Smith
>I had several bowls that I wanted to remove the foot and finish sanding today. During the morning I noticed two humminbirds in the shop. I hate to see this because they never seem to be able to found their way out. They just stay close to the ceiling and fly until they die. The last piece I had to finish was sassafras. I do not know if it was the smell or not, but one of the birds landed on the lathe in a pile of shavings. I stop turning to get a net to try and catch it. The bird left. He would come back each time I started the lathe and leave each time I stop cutting. He tried to set on the rim of the spinning bowl one time. Another time he landed on the tool while I was cutting. Never a camera when you need one. I missed another opportunity when a squirrel built a nest out of full bloom cherry limbs outside my window at work.

BTW, I ended the day by scrapping the bowl with a catch and dislodging it from the vacuum chuck.

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