Turning Archive 2006

A fire hazard at the bandsaw

Russ Fairfield
>Since we are talking about fire hazards at the grinding wheel, I want to warn of a greater potential for fire at the bandsaw if we are using a stone to round the back of the blade.

There should be no dust on the lower guides or inside the bottom wheel cover when we are using the stone, and the dust collector must be OFF. The sparks can be captured in the lower guides where they can start a smoldering glow in the sawdust that is fanned by the moving air from the blade. This can get large enough for it to be carried into the dust that has collected inside the bottom wheel cover. At the worst, the dust collector can suck the glowing sawdust into the dust collector bag where it can smolder and fill the shop with smoke.

A smoking bandsaw or dust collector bag is not a pretty sight.

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